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By knowing your Kua Number Group you can find out your lucky directions and based on this you can find the best feng shui directions for your main door, which directions to face while working, sleeping, etc. Kua Number is calculated based on your Birth date and Gender. Kua Numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 belong to East Group

East Group: 1 (North), 3 (East), 4 (Southeast), 9 (South); West Group: 2 (Southwest), 5 (male Southwest, female Northeast), 6 (Northwest), 7 (West), 8 (Northeast) The people who belongs to the East group should avoid the directions in the West group and those in West group should avoid the directions … KUA Number 1 (Kan) Feng Shui 4 Good / Auspicious / Lucky Directions: For Money and Success (Sheng Chi) For Good Health (Tien Yi) For Better Love & Romance Life (Nien Yen) For Personal Growth, Education, Good Luck (Fu Wei) Southeast: East : South: North Feng Shui Tips and Enhancers to Activate and Energise Your Lucky Directions Your Kua Number is 1, which means you are an East group person and receive the best, most vibrant and nurturing energy from the following feng shui directions: Southeast, East, South, North. Read: About Your Lucky Feng Shui Directions BaGua (Pa Kua) directions, by KarmaWeather : Kua N° Money, Success Good Health Love, Marriage Spirituality ☵ 1: Southeast: East: South: North ☷ 2: Northeast: West: Northwest: Southwest ☳ 3: South: North: Southeast: East ☴ 4: North: South: East: Southeast ☰ 6: West: Northeast: Southwest: Northwest ☱ 7: Northwest: Southwest: Northeast: West ☶ 8: Southwest: Northwest: West: Northeast ☲ 9: East: … 2019-09-27 LIFE KUA NUMBER : 1 Element :Water Colour : Black, Blue Auspicious Directions Success - SE Health - E Relationship - S Career - N A Life Kua number 1 person is adaptable and can perform well even in the most demanding circumstances. Life Gua is also known as “Ming Gua”. Gua number, also known as Kua number, helps in identifying personal characteristics of an individual, his/her compatibility with other individuals, and his/her favorable and unfavorable directions.

Kua 1 directions

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KUA SenduroSenduro, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. KUA Senduro, Senduro, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. © 2021 WazeTermsNotices. -8.094 | 113.089. Our Kua number gives us good luck (favourable) directions, which you can easily utilise to achieve success, prosperity, love, health, education and knowledge. KISSIMMEE, Fla., July 1, 2020 – The Kissimmee Utility Authority board of directors on Wednesday approved a $229 million operating and capital budget for  8 Feb 2020 A bagua map is used to divide your space into nine separate areas—each one relating to a certain theme. The center square of the bagua is  Since the Bagua can have such a powerful effect on your life, it's essential to use it carefully and correctly.

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Located 3 miles from Keala Ke Kua Bay, this Hawaii bed and breakfast features spectacular views of the Kona coastline as well as outdoor lava showers and a 

However, each set of four directions is assigned differently for each number within the group. Kua Number One. Wealth (Sheng Chi).

Kua 1 directions

Amazon.com: Feng Shui Kua Directions: The formula to find your good and bad directions revealed (9780994540423): 1 Used from $9.74 5 New from $8.51 

31 Jan 2017 There are only two groups and you are one or the other. East Group People have the same positive directions (E, SE, S, N) and the same  KUA is closed in observance of the following holidays: New Year's Day Martin Luther King JR. Day Memorial Day Toll Free 877-582-7700 · Map & Directions. 6 Aug 2016 You can choose to face one of your other Good Directions based on your Kua number (e.g. Kua Number 1 can still face East, South and North  Il s'agit ici d'un rapport entre les éléments et les couleurs qui leur sont rattachées. Vos directions favorables sont : Scheng Chi : vitalité, prospérité, travail,  12 Feb 2019 MY PH NO IS 09357058694 Aarti bhatia is one of the Best Tarot Card Reader and Famous World Renowned Celebrity Expert Punjab,  6 Jun 2005 Couples with the same best sleeping directions are more compatible AFFLECK (08/15/72) is an EAST GROUP person with kua number 1.

If your Kua numbers are 1, 3, 4, or 9, the directions which are suitable for you are East, North, South, and South East. The person having Kua numbers 2, 6, 7, or 8 should be having the ideal direction as West, South West, North East, and North West. Kua number 5 is the same for the males having Kua number 2 and the females having the Kua number 8. 1.
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av I Ericson — Koordinator för Svensk Idrottsforskning nr 1 2011. Tema Umeå Current Directions in Psychologi- cal Science, 1 35: 45-60. 2. Niti, M., Yap, K.B., Kua, E.H.,.

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Please take notice that the Feng Shui Kua number runs from 1 to 9 without 5. So if your Kua is 5 from the calculation, your actual Kua is 2 for male, or 8 for female. Having discovered your Kua number, you can now use it to determine your favorable or unfavorable directions, using the chart below.

Your auspicious directions are: Southeast – Prosperity (Sheng Chi) East – Health (Tien Yi) South – Harmony (Yan Nien) North – Stability (Fu Wei) Your inauspicious … Your Lucky Feng Shui Directions; Kua Number: For Money and Success: To Improve Health: To Attract Love: For Personal Growth: 1: Southeast: East: South: North: 2: Northeast: West: Northwest: Southwest: 3: South: North: Southeast: East: 4: North: South: East: Southeast: 5 Female: Southwest: Northwest: West: Northeast: 5 Male: Northeast: West: Northwest: Southwest: 6: West: Northeast: Southwest: Northwest: … * KUA number 5, the top numbers are for men, and those below are for women. Now that you've realized your most auspicious directions, you can really try to arrange your furnitures accordingly to these best directions. Sitting, sleeping or working at your auspicious directions are the best way to improve your life and give a boost to your good luck!

Kua Number Ett Feng Shui sätt att definiera sin personliga energi. Kua Number Chart Lucky Directions Specifika anvisningar som tros attrahera god energi.